Extra Overall fitting


Some of you missed the overall fitting or didn’t have cash money with you to order yours, so we organize an extra opportunity for you do get yours.

Come to Rajakatu’s campus, JIO’s office (right next to JAMKO’s office) on either Monday from 11.00 to 13.00 or on Tuesday from 10.30 ’till 13.00.

30€ for members, 45€ for non-members and like said, cash only.

Last chance guys and girls, next time we’re ordering overalls is fall 2014 :)!

Overalls / Haalarit 2013

Sama suomeksi hypyn jälkeen!

You can try out the overalls and order them at the following places and dates:

Rajakatu, F-lobby:

wed 28.8. at 11-12:30
thu 29.8. at 11-12:30

Dynamo, lobby:

thu 29.8. at 11:30-12:30
fri 30.8. at 10:30-11:30

You can order the overalls until monday the 2nd of September at JIO’s office at Rajakatu campus. On Tuesday we’re sending the order to the manufacteur and the next time you’ll be able to order, is fall 2014.

Payment while ordering and only with cash. It’s also possible to hear more about IOL and join as a member at the stand. The overall oath party is the 1st day of October, the new overall owners will get theirs a few days before the event.

Price: 30 €/members, 45 €/non-members

More info: joni.launonen[ät]jio.fi

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